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Total Security:

at harbor,
at sea

SeeSAFE is the AI Suite that makes every voyage an exclusive experience.

The Problem
Security During Navigation

During navigation, captains and pilots need to avoid collisions either with the surrounding environment, during docking and mooring, or with dangerous floating bodies, known as large scale marine debris-- especially when traveling at high speed. These floating objects represent a serious threat to safe navigation, potentially causing severe damage or even the loss of a vessel, as well as a huge casualty to ship owners and insurance companies alike.

Security of the Vessel

Theft of an entire vessel, especially in certain areas of the world where boats can be reused for illegal activities, is an ever growing phenomenon.

The Solution
Security During Navigation

With our system, the captain or the pilot can have a real-time 360° view of the outside environment, complemented by the vessel’s progress along its intended trajectory and by color-coded danger zones. Both assisted docking and driverless docking options are available to relieve stress at the helm station. Prompt warning alarms will sound in the event of possible collisions with neighboring vessels or with the quay; in case of detection of dangerous floating bodies ahead, immediate action to cut engine power or veer off is automatically triggered, so that there is enough time to correct the course.

Security of the Vessel

Advanced 3D biometric face recognition provides full control of human presence in sensitive areas on-board, guaranteeing completely customizable access control to operating commands and servo mechanisms of the vessel.

Our technology fits the entire maritime field: luxury yacht, cargo, cruise and ferry vessels.

SeeSAFE:SAM is an ADAS (Advanced driver assistance system) for luxury yachts devised to assist or work alongside the captain during docking and mooring maneuvers: docking your boat made as simple as parking your car.

SeeSAFE:FODS (Floating Object Detection System) is a system for automatic detection of semi-floating objects at sea.

SeeSAFE:FRED (Facial Recognition to Drive) is a personal identity control system based on 3D facial recognition.

The Front Lines of Innovation in Naval Security

The SeeSAFE suite is developed by Firstech Innovation, SRL. We're a team of experienced engineers and entrepreneurs who saw a lack of modern security in naval operation and navigation. SeeSAFE is our answer to the gap in the market.

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