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SeeSAFE offers a suite of systems integrating advanced software, based on proprietary algorithms, with state of the art electronic sensors and devices. It consists of three specialized modules: SeeSAFE:SAM, SeeSAFE:FODS, and SeeSAFE:FRED. When SAM and FODS are used together, safer high speed cruising even at night or in conditions of poor visibility becomes possible. SeeSAFE:FRED is a standalone product. At this time, SeeSAFE:SAM and SeeSAFE:FODS have capabilities that are unique to the entire boating industry.

Advanced Driver Assist System
Assisted and driverless docking and mooring
Floating Object Detection System
Long-range detection of dangerous floating debris
Face Recognition to Drive
3D face recognition for access control

SeeSAFE:ADAS and FODS, when used together, allow high speed cruising at night or in conditions of poor visibility. FRED, on the other hand, is a standalone product. At this time, SeeSAFE:ADAS and SeeSAFE:FODS have unique capabilities in the whole boating industry.

The SeeSAFE Products: In-depth

Secure Docking and Mooring

Based on a unique combination of optical and laser technology, SAM from SeeSAFE is a real Advanced Driver-Assistance System for boats up to the largest megayachts: by following requirements from leading yacht manufacturers, it provides assistance not replacement to the pilot in the docking and mooring maneuvers.

It is very easy to use, intuitive just like the ADAS you have in your car.

Its benefits are:

  • Increased safety at docking and mooring
  • Minimized risk of impacts with quay and other fixed or floating bodies
  • Less experienced pilots can accomplish smooth and easy mooring
  • More relaxed, hence safer maneuvers


  • Presents all relevant information for the maneuver within a clear composite picture
  • Danger zones are displayed with the customary color codes going from green to red
  • Provides 180° view at docking and mooring
  • Streams composite picture to the screen of a dedicated tablet computer or to the main console in the wheelhouse
  • Easy to install and unintrusive: no need to drill holes in the hull, no need to draw cables.  Ready for installation on new boats or retro-fitting
  • Extra module to assist the pilot at English docking
  • Fully customizable
  • Augmented Reality devices (helmet, goggles) available soon
  • Upgradeable to GPS based systems
Two versions of SAM to fit your boat to measure:

SAM Lite

  • Red frequency Lidar for range measurements up to 10 cm accuracy
  • From 90° to 360° views


  • Matrix laser technology for best precision
  • 180° view (fisheye lens)
  • 180° view stretched on 2D
  • Bird’s eye view

SeeSAFE:FODS (Floating Objects Detection System) is a system for automatic detection of semi-floating objects at sea.  When properly installed on a vessel, it enables detection of large scale marine debris at distances of up to 500 meters during navigation, under any visibility conditions. By triggering an alarm sound in real time, SeeSAFE:FODS allows the captain to initiate emergency procedures, either automatic or manually controlled, to avoid otherwise likely or inevitable collisions.

Secure Navigation

Onboard radar equipment cannot detect floating objects, because their emerging portion is usually small, flat, and often intermittently submerged by waves. Therefore, during nighttime travel or under poor visibility conditions, vessels are forced to reduce cruising speed to well under 10 knots, in order to limit possible damage from the resulting collisions. Due to its contained size, SeeSAFE:FODS is easily housed together with the radar, even within the same enclosure. By enabling the crew to detect dangerous environmental situations well in advance, and to take proper corrective measures accordingly, it makes a higher cruising speed possible for the vessel. When SeeSAFE:SAM is utilized during regular cruising alongside with SeeSAFE:FODS, it enables driverless cruising at higher speeds even at night, or under conditions of poor visibility. SeeSAFE:FODS is covered by patent.

Technical Details

In order to achieve angular accuracies within 1° or better when detecting floating objects at sea, proper consideration to the following factors must be given:

  • Water absorption rises sharply at both ends of the visible spectrum;
  • Fog, haze, mist, rain, and wave movement play a large role in the  absorption of electromagnetic waves above sea level, rendering both  radar and sonar essentially useless.

To overcome those obstacles, SeeSAFE:FODS uses a laser beam emitter coupled with specialized cameras and a stabilizing inertial platform to compensate for the boat’s movements. This setup is able to detect floating objects with high accuracy in real-time, at ranges of up to 500m. Proprietary software then allows SeeSAFE:FODS to compute the exact distance and relative position of the object detected, in real time.

Security On Board

SeeSAFE:FRED is a personal identity control system based on 3D facial recognition, capable of:

  • Provides a hierarchical authorization system for the control of personal presence on-board any vessel.
  • Discriminates between crew and passengers, forwarding information about access or presence of humans on board or near the vessel to the captain and ship-owner, wherever they happen to be.
  • Full control over the operation of commands in the wheelhouse and commands of servo mechanisms, which allows:
  • Selective access to reserved areas and locations, based on user roles, enabling only authorized individuals to operate certain commands, subsystems, and devices that could compromise passenger security;
  • Only authorized individuals to remotely operate automated openings onboard by means of a simple, predefined hand-waving gesture, without the need to touch the handle or the unlocking device.
  • On cruising ships, SeeSAFE:FRED can be used to prevent access to unauthorized individuals during stopovers, and to verify that all passengers who went ashore are back in time before departure.
  • SeeSAFE:FRED makes fraud from badge replacement, theft, or manipulation impossible.
Technical Details

In its typical configuration, SeeSAFE:FRED is composed of:

  • A master station (Linux server) equipped with a 5.1" IP65 touchscreen LED/LCD monitor to manage enrollment and relative authorizations; this master station can be installed in the most convenient position for operation (console, wheelhouse, control post).
  • A set of high resolution mini video cameras, equipped with a customized telephoto lens and a 4 megapixel CMOS sensor, to produce good quality images even in low light conditions (down to 0.5 lux), so that the system can work both in daylight and at nighttime.
  • These video cameras are placed in the areas under control, to detect presence and facial features of the individuals trying to gain access to and operate the vessel’s commands.
  • An alarm system that warns of any anomalous situation detected, employing various transmission networks (radio, GSM, SigFox, others). All anomalies are logged by the system, to be analyzed by control personnel at their convenience.
  • When an attempt to break in is detected, the captain or the ship owners are promptly warned of the situation either on the master station or on their smartphone with an image of the face of the perpetrator.

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